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  •  Want to work out why your child is still wetting the bed (nocturnal enuresis)? 
  •  Want to understand if it’s okay to use screen time as a digital reward or punishment tool? 
  •  Want to learn how to tackle a tricky topic like death or divorce with your children? 
  •  Want to discourage sibling conflict…or at least stop them throttling each other? 
  •  How about learning how to parent kids who are grateful and compassionate?  

Navigating the world of child-rearing can be a pretty tricky task. As lovable as they are, every age your kids enter throws up new challenges for you as a parent.  

Every year brings new technology, trends and transitions for your children, and every day involves new feelings and fears. As a parent, you want to help them through it all in the best way possible.  

But, you can’t do it on your own.  

With ParentTV, you don’t have to. ParentTV is your expert parenting support network, here to answer all your questions and share our professional advice and experience. And, we’re only a few clicks away.  

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ParentTV is a site for parents to access the best, most up-to-date and reliable information on parenting topics across the spectrum. 

How does it work?

It’s simple. You create a profile, tell us a bit about your family and we’ll curate relevant content for you, your kids and your circumstances. 

All our videos are interesting and easy to understand. And, they’re chock-full of info and insight that is research-based, accurate and professional. No armchair experts around here!  

What topics are covered?

The videos on ParentTV cover a range of topics including: 

  •  mental health 
  •  physical health and diet 
  •  social skills  
  •  behaviour 
  •  learning and technology 
  •  sleep 
  •  family dynamics 
  •  sex ed, and plenty more.  

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Who’s on the team?

Our specialist team include psychologists, dietitians, paediatricians, family counsellors and experienced specialists. Here’s just a few of them! 

Dr Justin Coulson | Maggie Dent | Pinky McKay | Dr Kaylene Henderson | Dr Kristy Goodwin | Allison Davies | Dr Vanessa Lapointe | Dr Megan Yap | Teacher Tom  

What else can I get on ParentTV?

As well as the comprehensive range of video content, there are also blog articles and courses for you to take part in. If there’s something you’re really interested in or wanting more guidance on, a course is a great way to go a little deeper on that topic. 

We’ve also got an ‘Ask an Expert’ section, where you can submit your questions for our experts to answer. 

What’s more, new content is added monthly, so there’s always lots to choose from. 

Sound good?  

How do I join?

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